Chassis Cab Trucks Avaiolable In South Africa

Best Value for Money: Dependable Cab Trucks

Group1 offers a range of chassis cab trucks tailored to meet the transportation needs of a wide range of industries and applications. At the heart of our trucks for sale lineup are the 3-ton, 6-ton, and 9-ton trucks, each boasting unique features and capabilities at exceptional prices.

Start With A Chassis Cab And Build Your Perfect Truck On That!

Having the right chassis is essential for maximising performance, reliability, and uptime across all types of trucks.

Whatever your business, be it light-duty tasks such as a food or courier service or heavier transport work like construction, our versatile workhorses offer a range of upfit possibilities to perfectly match your operational and business requirements. So much more than any commercial truck, these chassis cabs are designed to help you operate your business productively, sustainably and profitably.

The 3-ton truck combines agility with robustness, making it an ideal choice for urban deliveries and small-scale logistics operations. Meanwhile, the 6-ton truck stands out with its versatile payload capacity and efficiency, catering to a wide array of medium-duty transportation tasks. The 9-ton truck offers impressive hauling power and durability for heavier demands, perfectly suited for industrial and construction applications.

Looking for a Construction Truck?

When you need a platform to build a construction truck or specialised work truck, our dependable truck range provides the foundation you require.

With a commitment to meeting the specific requirements of construction professionals, the chassis trucks can be configured to handle even the most demanding tasks with unmatched capability and versatility.

From flatbed trucks to dumper trucks/beds, crane installations and utility bodies, you can outfit your chassis cab to wear a variety of body configurations based on a specific construction need.

Strength and efficiency are key in construction work, and our 9-ton truck is just as capable as an 8 or 10-ton truck in delivering exactly that at excellent value for money.

Does your business need a Refrigeration Truck?

Are you on the hunt for a single refrigerated truck for sale or an entire fleet for your cold chain distribution needs?

Our chassis trucks can be configured to accommodate various refrigeration units, ensuring precise temperature control for the safe transport of fresh produce, meat, dairy products, and other temperature-sensitive items.

Whether you need to haul a little with a 3-ton truck or a lot with heavier trucks, we deliver the best solution to guarantee a well-configured chassis cab for efficient and reliable transportation while maintaining product integrity.

Ready to add a Delivery truck to your fleet?

As a fleet manager, you’re always on the lookout for ways to reduce the costs of running work trucks and improve the efficiency of your crew.

Adding a box body to a chassis cab enhances productivity through optimised body specifications while offering an easy way to haul cargo of many types. Commonly known as a box truck, this truck is a versatile commercial solution ideal for courier services, moving furniture, boxes, fragile goods and appliance delivery.

You’re sure to find something from our lineup of reliable and cost-effective medium and heavy-duty chassis cab trucks that offer different vehicle configurations for your specific application.

Let us help you choose the right option for your new delivery truck purchase that’s valued for protected cargo space and powerful engines.

Considering a new Water truck?

We understand that every business has unique demands. Thanks to the versatility and convenient design of our chassis cab trucks, they can easily be configured to seamlessly integrate into your existing fleet for efficient water delivery.

Used across industries, whether serving municipal needs, construction sites, or emergency response scenarios, a water truck chassis offers the flexibility to be customised with specialised tanks and pumping systems.

With our high-performing chassis cab trucks at your disposal, you can confidently tackle any water delivery task, knowing that you have the tools and capabilities to meet and exceed your objectives.

All our truck and trailer options offer unbeatable performance at unbeatable prices. Get an investment that’s right for your particular business logistics.

Thinking about purchasing a Tanker truck?

With robust construction and customisable configurations, our chassis trucks for tanker applications provide reliability, performance, and peace of mind for operators across diverse liquid transport needs.

Featuring a durable design and a strong engine, the trucks are built to withstand the rigours of daily commercial use while maintaining cost-effective operation. Additionally, the trucks prioritise driver comfort and functionality, boasting a spacious interior along with advanced safety features and modern technology.

Whether manoeuvring through the busy streets of Cape Town or tackling long-distance deliveries, the Group1 chassis cabs provide a reliable and efficient solution.

In the market for a Tow truck for sale?

As a tow truck operator, you may want to invest in a flatbed tow truck for your light-duty or heavy-duty towing needs. Our chassis trucks offer a platform upon which to build highly effective tow truck applications.

The trucks seamlessly adapt to a variety of towing configurations, whether it involves outfitting the chassis with a flatbed, wrecker, or rollback body. Towing professionals can customise and optimise their tow truck applications to meet the unique demands of their business, ensuring quick and reliable assistance for motorists in need.

Here is your chance to custom-build a tow truck specifically tailored to your wants and needs with the perfect chassis cabs line-up.

For an effective solution to your transportation needs regardless of industry, opt for Group1 trucks for sale. Fill out the form on this page to schedule a test drive or ask any questions about any of our chassis cab models!

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